Collection of short stories and plays 
Publishing House Saunje 2012 
177 pages
ISBN: 9789941442452 




Is collection of 29 short stories and two plays „Smile and Bird will Fly our of Camera” and “IMAGO MUNDI”. As the writer and editor of the book Beso Khvedelidze says there is no painful or hidden topic in the modern Georgian society Gio Mgeladze left without attention in this book. The black humor mixed with complex grotesque, harshness and bitter sarcasm will make you smile but feel also sad. It is not something for pseudo-moralists but the readers who appreciate most sincere and authentic prose. The book was shortlisted for SABA Literary Prize 2013. 

Translated into English by Irakli Kakabadze


Mr. Misha became seventy three years old July 23 of 1973. Mr. Misha's seventy two years old wife, Mrs. Natela has died March 22, 1972. Two survivors left: Mr. Misha - same as Batoni Misha and his twenty nine year old son, Levan.
Twenty nine year old Levan is addicted to hard drugs. Batoni Misha does not know this. If Batoni Misha will imagine even for a second that Levan is shooting morphyum with the needle he will either have a heart attack or he'll kill himself. Mr. Misha or baton Misha, is an intelligent man. Levan's friends call him "Prakaza", Mr. Misha they call - Batoni Misha. Mr. Misha is very pleased when Levan's friends call him 'Batoni Misha" and he is equally displeased that they call his son "Prakaza". But Levan himself does not give a shit that he is called 'Prakaza". Mr. Misha is happy with his son. Batoni Misha likes that Levan is always shaved and dresses in a clean way and that Levan is a polite young man. Mr. Misha has not seen Levan when craving for drugs.
Batoni Misha works on "Ioane Zosime' for many years now. Batoni Misha is sure that during a judgement day humanity will be judged for its sins in Georgian language: "And buried is thy Georgian Language until the day of second coming"… (See PDF)


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