Born in 1983, is a promising author of the contemporary Georgian literary scene. In 2005 he graduated from Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Law. During the years 2005-2014 he practiced law in various official institutions. In 2013 Ucha Zakashvili earned his PhD and became a Doctor of Law. Currently he works as a lecturer at Tbilisi State University. Along with a successful career in legal field he started to experience in creative writing. Since 2004 Ucha Zakashvili’s short stories are permanently published in different literary magazines of the country and the author has already received several literary prizes. In 2010 Zakashvili became the finalist of highly popular literary competition Pen-Marathon, an experimental contest established and organized by Publishing House Diogene. In 2012 his short story VIR-100  was included in the annual anthology ‘15 Best Short Stories’ published by Bakur Sulakauri Publishing. Author’s debut novel Memory of the Moss was published in 2014. Later, in the framework of Frankfurt Literary Salon, the novel was translated into German by Luka Kamarauli.


  • Memory of the Moss, Publishing House Saunje, 2014
  • The Handmade Dolls, Publishing House Saunje, 2011


  • Guram Rcheulishvili literary award 2012 for short story Native Ephemera 
  • II Place at literary contest Legend of the Fall 2010 for short story Grozny without Sugar 
  • Guram Rcheulishvili literary award (II place) 2010 for short story Abianuri
  • Literary prize Khertvisi 2007 for short story Kalotana

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