Born in 1973 in Tbilisi, Georgia. She holds degrees in Languages and Literature (Tbilisi State University), Psychology (Tbilisi D.Uznadze Institute of Psychology) and Conflict Studies (University of Notre Dame, Indiana). Tamar’s doctoral dissertation in progress (Central European University, Budapest) examines social dimension and cultural practices of personhood construction among Georgian women activists. Having lived through two wars and intermittent political disturbances, Tamar observed the unlikely historical continuum from the very last decade of soviet era to the newly democratised European-to-be state. Her blog on psychology and social milieu (one of the most-read among its kind) accurately depicts the schizophrenic contextual change and consequent ethical incongruity in post-soviet Georgian society. Tamar teaches at the Ilia State University (Tbilisi) and runs private counselling practice along with working for LGBTQ and women’s organizations as psychotherapist and coach. From 2013 she is involved in promoting LGBTQ and women’s rights. The author is one of the pioneers in introducing and promoting discourse on non-human personhood in Georgia. She is passionate about animal rights and volunteers for an informal network of activists operating as emergency animal rescue team.


  • Snowstorm of Orange Dandelions, Siesta Publishing, 2016

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