Born in 1953 and graduated from Tbilisi State University’s mechanics and mathematics faculty. He has given lectures in Georgia’s technical university and has taught in Tbilisi’s 53rd public school. He was elected first as a member, and then as chairman of the Tbilisi city assembly. At the same time he is the managing director of the Saakashvili Presidential Library board of management. He has received the state award, the Order of Distinction. In 2016 Zaal Samadashvili won the Saba literary prize for the best prose collection of the year for the book Yunker Eristavi’s Football Boots. In 2007 he founded the Gala literary competition which was operated until 2012 under the auspices of the Tbilisi city assembly. He writes stories and essays.


  • Yunker Eristavi’s Football Boots, Intelekti Publishing, 2016
  • 60, Bakur Salukauri Publishing, 2013 
  • Self-Portrait with Books in the Background, Diogene Publishing, 2012 
  • Stories for a Boy, Bakur Salukauri Publishing, 2010
  • Duet, Bakur Salukauri Publishing, 2006 
  • How they used to love each other, Merani publishing, 2005
  • Sandro Kandelaki’s Boot, Bakur Salukauri Publishing, 2005 
  • Plekhanov Street Stories, Bakur Salukauri Publishing, 2004  
  • Gypsies, Bakur Salukauri Publishing, 2003 
  • A Flame in Soot-Covered Glass, Saari, 2001 
  • As in Old Italian Films, Saari, 1999


  • Literary award SABA 2016 in category the best prose collection for Yunker Eristavi’s Football Boots 

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