Born 1968 in Tbilisi, Gio Mgeladze is well known Georgian writer, film and theatre director, camera man, photograph and visual artist. At the very young age he was awarded many different international filmmaking prizes for his films "No, Pal", "Atu Alaba", "Seven Days in Tibet". In 1993, we has awarded Oberhausen International Film Festival Grand Prix for his short film "No Pal". After this many international honours followed. His photo exhibits were conducted internationally in different countries of the world, including United States, Germany, France, Georgia, etc. In 2009 he has directed his play "Smile and Bird will Fly out of Camera" at the Shota Rustaveli State Theatre in Tbilisi and this play has won wide recognition. His play "Georgian Love Story" was filmed by 12 different film directors in 2012. Gio Mgeladze has been cast in different films as main protagonist and supportive actor through last 40 years.

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