Born in 1948, in Tbilisi, Manana Menabde is a singer, writer actress, director and artist. At the age of fifteen she has become a leading soloist of the Georgian Polytechnic Institute's orchestra. Since 1972 she has been playing guitar and writing songs. She studied directing in Tbilisi and Moscow and gained experience as a jazz singer. She is considered as the Georgian Joan Baez and enjoys an international cult status as a composer and singer. Since 1979 she has been working in the field of painting and graphics as well. In the same year she was filmed in several Georgian films. Since 1991 she has been lived in Berlin. She participates in musical festivals in Europe, holds personal exhibitions and solo concerts, arranges performances and engages in literary activities. Since 1997 she has been actively publishing in the German and Georgian press. From 2006 till now she works as a singer, composer and actress at the Moscow Drama Theater 'Workshop of Peter Fomenko'.


  • And the time is gone..., Ustari Publishing, 2013

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