Born in 1984, is a writer and dramatist. She has been associated with art from early childhood. She was singing in various groups, participating in number of performances, playing piano and she was a graduate from the musical school with the major in piano. In 2002-2008 she was engaged in legal studies and graduated with the master’s degree. Marika have been employed in number of state bodies and was law practitioner.
Marika Mamaladze has created her first literature pieces in 2010 and later on, in 2015 her collected stories were published which among others included her first story. Marika’s debut novel Escobar  With Sun was published 2012 which describes life of famous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Further, 2013 Dead-end before Intersection was published. The novel describes so called new-Georgians with peculiar insights of their daily round and odd aspects of their social living. The writer mworkostly dedicates her time to travelling and therefore, her latest  is American diaries, named as New York on the Distant Continent, which is planned to be published in 2018 by publishing house Books in Batumi. She is also engaged in playwriting not only for theatres, but for radio-plays as well. 2016 she was shortlisted for Literary Prize LITERA.


  • Escobar with Sun, Publishing Ustari, 2012 
  • Dead-end before Intersection, Publishing Saunje, 2013
  • Wearproof Anry, Intellekti Publishing, 2015 

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