Born in 1970, Maka Ldokonen is a writer, a journalist, a self-taught artist, and illustrator. She takes an active part in popularizing books for the younger generation: she publishes essays publicizing books, she is a teacher of literature in the SOS children’s village and runs a television programme Books for Children and Young Persons. She writes fairy tales for social projects, for autistic children, etc. Her literary debut was in 2010, and she has been a finalist or prize-winner in a number of literary competitions. She is also a member of the jury for student literary contests.


  • Horse’s tales for Dila, Bakmi, 2017 
  • Three Short Novels, Saunje Publishing, 2017 
  • A Literary Project a prose collection, Saunje Publishing, 2013 
  • Bishe’s Cushions a prose collection, (e-book) 
  • Raisin Stories a prose collection, Diogene Publishing, 2010 


  • Literary award Tbilisi 2016, shortlisted in category the best novel for Horsetails for Dila
  • Literary Award SABA 2010 in category the best debut for Raisin Stories Magazine
  • Hot Chocolate Prize 2008 in category the best short story for Her House


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