1936-1998 was a Georgian writer who authored six novels, numerous short stories and essays. Born in the village of Ukhuti in western Georgia, he completed his secondary education in the city of Kutaisi and moved to the capital of Georgia to continue his studies at Tbilisi State University. He graduated in 1960 with a degree in Georgian language and literature. His earliest writings date from this period. Karchkhadze held various posts between 1961 and 1982, before deciding to give up regular employment so as to devote himself full-time to his writing. Jemal Karchkhadze’s first published works were very well received by the public, but were met with harsh criticism from the Soviet critics of the time. In spite of this, the author continued to write regularly and to publish his works. In 1977 was published one of his most acclaimed short stories Igi followed by such significant novels as Caravan (1984), Antonio and David (1987) and Zebulon (1988). It is worth noting that Jemal Karchkhadze received no award or prize during his lifetime. Karchkhadze was rediscovered in the new millennium by a new generation, and today his popularity continues to rise and rise. Some of his works are included in school textbooks of Georgian Language and Literature. Karchkhadze’s novels and short stories have been translated in several countries: Antonio and David have been published in Norway, Solum Forlag 2016; Egypt, Al Khotob Khan 2015; Sweden, Ruin 2013. 


  • The Prince and The Dragon, Karckhadze Publishing, 2014 
  • Antonio and David, 1987, Karchkhadze Publishing 2009, 2014
  • Complete Short Stories, Karchkhadze Publishing 2012 
  • The Dimension, 2001, Karchkhadze Publishing, 2008, 2012
  • The Lodger, 1979, Karchkhadze Publishing, 2008, 2011
  • The Caravan, 1984, Karchkhadze Publishing 2012
  • Zebulon, 1988, Karchkhadze Publishing, 2005, 2012 
  • The Remorse of Jupiter, 1994, Karchkhadze Publishing 2009 
  • Flower of Magnolia or Grandmother Ann’s Death, Diogene Publishing, 1999


  • Librarian’s Choice Award 2007 for a novel Antonio and David
  • Literary prize GALA 2007 in category the best short story collection for Complete Short Stories
  • The State Prize of Georgia 1999 for his Contribution to the Georgian Literature and the novel The Dimension 

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