Born in 1963 is a researcher and journalist. He graduated from Tbilisi State University, faculty of philology. After graduating he started working as an editor of literary programs at Georgian Radio Broadcast. But when the Abkazian War broke out in Georgia, Kakabadze went to hot spot and  was reporting news and materials from frontline areas during 1992-1993. Years later he joined TV Imedi team as a screenwriter. Meanwhile his literary assays were systematically being published in Georgian periodicals. In 2007 his debut collection of assays How I Understand Literature was published. In 2010 Kakabadze published his documentary novel Niko Pirosmani – In Search of Faded Innocence, which was nominated simultaneously for two main literary competitions SABA award, and GALA prize.


  • Niko Pirosmani- In Search of Faded Innocence, Publishing House Pegasi, 2010
  • How I Understand Literature, Publishing Shemecneba, 2007

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