Born in 1996, in Tbilisi. She is a journalist. Since the age of 14 she has been the author and the host of two radio programs. As soon as she entered University, Tatuli began to write for printed and Internet media. As a third-year student, she was employed by a TV company. Since 2008, Tatuli Ghvinianidze has been
publishing her short stories and novels on different sites for book lovers. Her first novel Awakening before deep sleep found a broad response on the Internet.
In 2017 was awarded THE GOLDEN WING as the best young Georgian journalist. In the contest Be Best Seller she became the Readers Choice #1. The text focuses on personal identity, self victory, the search for one’s own niche in the world, the conflict between individuals and society, the struggle against stereotypes, discrimination, love and the fragile relations in modern life.

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