Born in 1947, is a Georgian writer, philologist and civil society activist. In 1970 the author graduated from the faculty of Western European Languages and Literature of Tbilisi State University, majoring in German language and literature. Gelashvili began her literary activities in 1969 with translations of German philosophy and poetry, but her own writing career dates back to 1980s, when her first works were published in various Georgian magazines. The author gained popularity among readers for non-conformist prose, which eventually provoked a negative reaction from the Soviet authorities. Despite this, Naira Gelashvili has written a number of brilliant novels and short stories and has won several literary awards, including the Ilia Chavchavadze Prize for Artistic Work (2008). The range of Naira Gelashvili’s literary writings encompasses novels, stories, essays, poetry and children’ prose, as well as children’s songs and musical tales. In 1994 the author founded and heads the cultural-educational NGO Caucasian House Centre for Cultural Relations, which plays a significant role in the peaceful cooperation of different cultures and religions among the people of Caucasus. Gelashvili’s Foreign rights have been sold to different countries, including: I am the one - Verbrecher Verlag 2016, Germany; 20th century Georgian short stories (editor and coauthor) - Suhrkamp 2000, Germany.


  • This Is Me, Caucasian House Publishing, 2012
  • Friedrich Hiolderin, Caucasian House Publishing, 2010
  • The First Two Circles and all the Others, Caucasian House Publishing, 2009
  • Our Long Story, Caucasian House Publishing, 2009 
  • The Splinters of Mirror, Caucasian House Publishing, 2006
  • Time, Bread and Wine, Caucasian House Publishing, 2006
  • Akamuk’s Journey, Caucasian House Publishing, 2006
  • The Giants’ Green Island and a Little Refuge Girl Nia Nia, Caucasian House Publishing, 2006
  • Trolleybus Astarion and its Passengers, Caucasian House Publishing, 2005
  • Serso, Caucasian House Publishing, 2004 
  • The Dotted Hut, Caucasian House Publishing, 2004 
  • About Peace of Mind, Joy, Sorrow and Consolation, Caucasian House Publishing, 1997
  • The Moonlit Garden, Sakartvelo Publishing, 1990
  • Mother’s Room, Publishing Merani, 1987 
  • Ambers, Umbrians and Arabs, Publishing Merani, 1983, 1987, Bakur Sulakauri Publishing, 2004, Palitra L publishing, 2013


  • Literary award SABA 2013 in category the best novel for I m That One 
  • Literary award SABA 2010 in category the best novel for The First Two Circles and all the Others
  • Ilia Chavchavadze State Prize 2008 for Artistic Work  
  • Literary prize GALA 2007 in category the best literary project for Rainer Maria Rilke (works in five volumes with commentaries). 
  • Prize of Austrian Ministry of Culture 1999 for translations of R. M. Rilke works

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