Born in 1963. Writer, psychologist, works at Tbilisi State University (faculty of psychology and education). She is an editor of Carl Gustav Jung’s Georgian translations: ‘Psychology and Religion’ and ‘Psychology and Alchemy’. Her short stories are published in literary magazines since late 90-s. She has won several literary contests: second place in literary contest ‘Pen-marathon’ and literary award ‘Saba’ for her first short story collection ‘Exchange’. Marina Elbakidze’s short story was among 10 best Georgian short stories of the year. For years she works as a researcher and analyst of minority rights and conflict regulation. She is the member of the peace dialogue between Georgians and Abkhazians. She have published several articles about that issue.


  • Exchange, Diogene Publishing, 2012 


  • Literary award SABA 2012 in category the Best Collection of Short Stories 2013

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