Born in 1951, is a Ph.D holder, a  literary scholar and journalist with more than 25 years of professional experience. Author of the monograph on Mark Twain's Literary Heritage and a translator of American and English Prose and Poetry. Since 1983 to 2006 she was a senior scholar of the Institute of Georgian Literature, Department of Comparative Literature. In 1994 Manana Dumbadze was a Fulbright scholar at the Center of the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi. In 1996 in cooperation with Professor of Humanities Zaza Gachechiladze she translated and published a textbook: Outlines of American Literature. In 1996-1998 Manana Dumbadze lectured History of American Literature at the Tbilisi Campus of the American University of Hawaii. Since 1996 she has been working for a daily 'Dilis Gazeti' as an executive editor and a head of the Department of Culture. In 1998 Dumbadze was an IREX Fellow (Contemporary Issues program) at the University of Missouri, School of Journalism. During this period she volunteered at the two major city papers: 'Columbia Missourian' and 'Columbia Tribune'. She was an Editor in Chief of the bilingual (Georgian-English) quarterly magazine KHIDI of the Association of Alumni of U.S. Sponsored Programs in Georgia, as well as Deputy Editor in Chief of National Geographic – Georgia. Manana Dumbadze is a President of Translators and Interpreters Association of Georgia (TIA), member of: Georgian Writers' Union, Three Seas Writers and Translators Council (TSWTC), Georgian Journalists Federation, Association of the Alumni of US Sponsored Programs in Georgia, World Association of Newspapers (WAN), European Commission of Artists (ECA) and International Association of Travel Writers. Manana Dumbadze has more than 1000 publications in Georgian and foreign periodicals. She is an essayist and has authored number of short stories and documentary prose, which has already gained a wide audience of readers in Georgia.


  • An Upside-down Pyramid, Intelekti Publishing, 2016
  • Afghanistan: Through Keyhole of Baron Compound, Publishing House Saunje, 2012
  • Roads on my Palm, Merani Publishing, 2013
  • Kas Not Far from Gulripsh (travelogue)., Merani Publishing 2008.
  • Indian Diary (travelogue); 2007
  • Georgian String Quartet; 2006
  • Without a Microphone and a Megaphone (selected short stories)
  • Mark Twain in Georgian Literature; Merani Publishing, 1986

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