Born in 1968, is a Georgian poet, novelist, performer, multimedia artist and an original representative of modern Georgian culture. In 1992 he graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Architecture. Since then he has been engaged in various fields of mass media: newspapers, radio and TV. For years he was an author and anchor of then highly anticipated TV program Mze-Ra, which brought a wide recognition to the author. In 1994 was published his debut collection of essays Dead Time. Since then Dephy is leading very intensive writing career, he is a participant and author of many poetic performances, including such innovative projects as: Intimacy for World 2010 -an unprecedented online poetry show, with 65 thousand spectators from 16 countries and Observatory - Daphiony Supernova Domine 2008, a live poetry performance at the Abastumani Observatory, in which, the author used quadraphonic sound alongside the visual performance. Later this project was represented at Lemberg International Literary Festival and was valued by Ukrainian media as the impressive and hypnotic live impression. In 2010 - 2011 he became a member of Ledig House - society of wirters and poets, New York. In 2011 his short story Before the End was published under The Best European Fiction 2012 by Dalkey Archive Press USA. David Dephy is also a participant of PEN World Voices Festival 2011, New York. On 29th of April 2011 he delivered a poetry Live Show The Second Skin in New York, in cooperation with Laurie Anderson, Yusef Komunyakaa and Salman Rushdie. In 2011 Dephy took part in Netherlands poetic event, in the city of Haarlem with European poets and artists. This year Dephy's poetry collection God Is Among You, and the novel All The Mysteries of the Universe, were long listed for the literary award SABA. Currently David Dephy works as a creative consultant at the University of Georgia, in addition he is working with Georgian rock band The Sanda and is recording his poetry with the band.


  • The Poet King, Publishing house Shemetsneba, 2016
  • Gvirgvinosany (Crowned), Publishing house Shemetsneba, 2016
  • Absolute New York, Publishing house The University of Georgia Press, 2015
  • Easter Verses, Publishing house Shemetsneba, 2015 
  • God Is Among You, Siesta Publishing house, 2014
  • All The Mysteries of the Universe, Siesta Publishing house, 2014
  • The Society of the End and the Beginning, Publishing house Shemetsneba, 2013
  • We All Will Get out from Here Alive, Publishing house Book's in Vake, 2012
  • Demna, Publishing House Books in Vake, 2012
  • Sevdya, Publishing House Books in Vake, 2011
  • The Gardens and the Pandemonium, Siesta Publishing house, 2010
  • DNA Symphony, Publishing house Shemetsneba, 2010
  • Da Iq Tsa, Siesta Publishing house, 2010
  • Daphiony - Supernova Domine (Audio Album of poetry), Sano Studio, 2010
  • Shinings, Publishing house Shemetsneba, 2009
  • Demna Gedevanischvili, publishing house Shemetsneba, 2008
  • Let Me Go Up To Heaven, (Poetry audio album) Publishing house Shemetsneba, 2007 
  • Samkauli, Publishing house Shemetsneba, 2007 
  • Expecting Miracles at Dawn, Publishing house Shemetsneba, 2003 
  • Let My Twin Find Me, Siesta Publishing house, 2003 
  • The December Talisman, Publishing house Shemetsneba, 2003 
  • Words Words Words, Publishing house Saari, Tbilisi. 2003 
  • Emerald and Sapphire, Siesta Publishing house, 2003 
  • Dead Time, Publishing House Nekeri. 1994

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