1954-2007 was a prominent Georgian writer and film-director. Born in the village Chokhi, in High mountainous region of Georgia, graduated from Tbilisi State Institute of Film and Theatre in 1979, and debuted in cinema in 1978. Some of his most successful films are The Resurrection (1982), Human Sadness (1984), Easter Lamb (1988), The Children of Sin (1989), The Birds of Paradise (1997), The Gospel According to Luke (1998), and The Chained Knights (2000). His first Book – A Letter to the Pine Trees- published in 1980 by the Merani publishing house, instantly became successfull and was awarded the prize for the best debut book of the year. He is also the author of several collections of prose and poetry: The Dusk-Coloured Valley, Wolf, The Priest’s Sin, A Fish’s Letters, Save It for Me, O Mother Earth, Fate the Pursuer, The Life of Grass, Four Novels. His works have been translated into Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, English and German and have been at various times printed in both collections and in special issues of magazines in the former USSR, the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy and other countries.


  • Going to Heaven, (2013)
  • Red Wolfe, Bakmi Publishing, 2007
  • Selected stories, Marsi Publishing, 2003
  • hildren of God, Publishing Sani, 2002
  • Ark of Souls, Bakmi Publishing, 2001
  • Fish’s Letters, First Georgian Stamb, 2001 
  • The Life of a Grass, Merani Publishing House, 1997
  • Keep Me Motherland, Merani Publishing, 1991, Bakmi Publishing, 2005
  • Priest’s Sin, Merani Publishing House, 1990
  • Wolf, Merani Publishing House, 1988
  • Human Sadness, Merani Publishing House 1986, Lasharela Publishing, 2006
  • Gorge of Twilight Colour, Publishing House Nakaduli, 1982
  • A Letter to the Pine Trees, Merani Publishing, 1980


  • Grand Prize for the film “Easter”, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany, 1982
  • “Silver Nymph” and prize of International Catholic Church for the film “Children of Sin”, Monte Carlo Film Festival, 1991
  • Special Prize at Japan Film Festival (1991)
  • Prizes for the Best Script and Best Film Producing at Tbilisi “Gold Eagle” Festival, 1992
  • Grand Prize at Anapa festival for the film “Turtle-Doves of Paradise”, 1997
  • Prize for the best script at Anapa Festival for the film “Gospel According to Luke”, 1998

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