Born in 1931, is a prominent Georgian writer, dramatist and poet. After graduating in 1954 from Tbilisi State University, having studied philology, he published his first volume of poetry. He is now primarily known as a playwright, though his short fiction and novels are also considered as classics of Georgian Literature. He is the elder brother of Otar Chiladze. Soon after graduating Tamaz Chiladze started working for then widely popular magazine Tsiskari (The Daybreak), later became the chief editor of the magazine Sabchota Khelovneba (The Soviet Art) (1973-81). From 1991 he was reading a course of lectures in dramaturgy at Georgia’s Theater and Cinema Institute. During the years 1997-2008 he was the chief editor of the magazine Mnatobi (The Luminary). Tamaz Chiladze has authored numerous dramas, poetry and prose collections, as well as such acclaimed novels as Noon (1963), A Pool (1972), A Cactus Garden (1994), The Brueghel Moon (2007). Tamaz Chiladze’s books are translated into many languages of the world, among them into French, English, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Serb, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Polish, Turkish, Armenian, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian. His plays are successfully staged at theatres, both across Georgia and abroad. His plays were staged by celebrated producers. Famous Georgian theatre director Robert Sturua has stahed number of performances at Rustaveli National Theatre in Tbilisi, based on Tamaz Chiladze’s plays: A Role for a Debutante; The Visiting Day; A Bird Has Died in the Grove and The Hunting Season. In 1996 the radio broadcasting corporation of Western Germany awarded him the first prize for the play The Quartet of the Paradise. In 1999 he was nominated for the title of the International Personality of 1999-2000 by the Cambridge International Center of Biographies. Chiladze’s books have been translated into many languages, among them French, English, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Serbian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Polish, Turkish, Armenian, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian. In 2015 his novel The Brueghel Moon was published in USA by Dalkey Archieve Press. 


  • Time and arithmetics, Intelekti Publishing, 2016
  • Reflection of Immortality, Intelekti Publishing, 2014
  • My Theatre, Intelekti Publishing, 2014
  • The Well Hoist, Intelekti Publishing, 2012
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  • Noon, Sov. Georgia Publishingm, 1963
  • Taking the Walk with the Pony Phaeton, Sov. Georgia Publishing, 1963
  • The Open Window, Sov. Writer Publishing, 1958


  • The State Prize of Georgia 1997 for his Contribution to the Georgian Literature
  • Shota Rustaveli State Prize 1992 for artistic work
  • Award of the Radio Broadcasting Corporation of Western Germany 1996 for the play The Quartet of the Paradise
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