Born 1967 in Tbilisi, Tsotne Chikovani studied philology at Tbilisi State University. He was working in the newspaper Erisioni and publishing house Mnate. 1995 he issued Tetri Limoni (White Lemon) journal, in which writings of Aka Morchiladze, Gaga Nakhutsrishvili and other his friends were published along with his own writings. This journal was followed by two more editions, Shavi Limoni (Black Lemon) in 1999 and Ukanaskneli Linomi (the last lemon) in 2001. 2004 was in publishing house SAARi was published his first book – Kazakhstan's Sorrow (collected stories). He is author of several books. His collection of short stories On the way of Life was shortlisted for SABA Literary Prize 2013.



  • Confessing in Love, plays, Siesta, 2014
  • On the Way of Life, collection of short stories, Zebra Group, 2012 
  • Kazakhstan’s Sorrow, collection of Short Stories, 2004 

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