Born in 1974 in Gurjaani, she spent her childhood and school years in a rural community of Vachnadziani near Gurdjaani, Georgia. After finishing the school she continued her studies at the Tbilisi State University to become a philologist in the field of Georgian language and literature. 1998- 2013 Bela worked as a journalist, writing about art, literature and education. Her poetry lyrics were published since 1989 in various Georgian periodicals. At present she is a Ph.D student of Comparative Literature at Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University, while currently studying Comparativism and Germanistic at the University of Bonn. Bela Chekurishvili’s poems were published in the Georgian-English anthology Georgian Female Poets in 2016, Georgia, Tbilisi. Her poem We, the Apple trees was published in the German author anthology (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) in the translation section in Jahrbuch der Lyrik 2017, Schöffling &Co, Frankfurt am Main. In 2015, her 4 poems were published for the first time in the German language, in the Contemporary Georgian Lyric collection Aus der Ferne published by Corvinus Press, Berlin. Her poems were also published in the Anthology of Georgian Poetry in the German language Ich aber will dem Kaukasos zu, 2015, Pop Verlag, Ludwigsburg. Besides English and German her poems are translated into Italian, French and Russian languages. The main subject of her poetry is contemplation of a modern woman in a big urban environment. Her hobbies include theater and mountaineering.


  • We, the Apple trees Wunderhorn Publishing, Heidelberg, 2016
  • Tales from the banks of the Rhine, Intelekti Publishing,  2016
  • Sisyphus' Question, Diogene Publishing, 2012
  • Postcards, Meridiani Publishing, 2009
  • Either – Or, Leta Publishing, 1998

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