1933-2015. The late Georgian writer and screenwriter was born and grew up in the city of Kutaisi, then Georgia’s second intellectual centre. He moved to the capital in 1954 to continue his studies, and in 1958 he graduated from Tbilisi State University with a degree in Georgian language and literature. In the same year, his short stories were published for the first time, in the almanac 'First Ray'. Rezo Cheishvili worked from 1961 to 1992 at the 'Georgian Film' studio as an editor, as a member of the Film Script Administrative Board, as a member of the Creative Association and as one of its leaders. In parallel with this, he edited various Georgian literary journals and newspapers. Additionally, he continued to publish short stories and novels, and to write film scripts. here are several extremely popular short and full length films on Rezo Cheishvili’s account, including My Friend Nodari, Samanishvili’s Stepmother and the widely famed The Blue Mountains, which was directed by famous Georgian director Eldar Shengelaia and released in 1985. The film brought true success not only to Rezo Cheishvili but also to all the crew of the film. The Blue Mountains instantly became a big appeal and till today remains as one of the iconic movies for generations in Georgia. Rezo Cheishvili has been awarded Georgia’s highest honor in the field of literature, the Rustaveli Award. He has also received the Georgian State Prize. In 1984, he received the USSR State Prize for the script for The Blue Mountains. In 2012, he received the Honorary Award SABA for his contribution to literature. Cheishvili’s short stories have been published in several countries among them: Georgian short stories: Georgien berättar: Goris fästning - Tranan 2013, Sweden; Georgian short stories from 20th century: Georgische Erzählungen des 20. Jahrhunderts - Suhrkamp 2000, Germany; Music in the wind (novel) - Sovetski Pisatel 1983, Russia.


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  • New Kuru, Palitra L Publishing, 2011
  • Works in Seven Volumes, Kutaisi publishing Centre, 2010-2012
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  • Literary award SABA 2012 for the Contribution in the Development of Literature 
  • Soviet Union State Award 1984 for the script of the film Blue Mountains 
  • Shota Rustaveli State Prize for his Literary Works
  • State Prize of Georgia for his Contribution in Georgian Literature

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