Born 1963 in Tbilisi. A Georgian-German writer, after studying German language and literature at Georgia Tbilisi State University, faculty of Western European Literature and Language Beridze spent 15 years in Berlin. He studied at FU Berlin where he worked at his PhD thesis on the lyrics of Rainer Maria Rilke. After two years of this work he decided to abandon it for free-lance writing in German. In 1996 Beridze published a book Two Stories in German and then published his first collection of stories The Third, winning the prestigious Herbert Burda Award. Peter Handke picked Beridze as the most talented award winner saying -"The rhythm of Beridze’s stories is deeply poetic, they are not constructions of mind, they are not products but give new outlines to the German language.’’ After free-lance years in Berlin Beridze went back to Georgia where he continues to write his novel Fora, a multi level prose piece about handicaps in individual life and history and the gap between the Western and Eastern worlds. As a free-lance writer Beridze has had writing grants at the Baltic Centre for writers and translators in Visby, Sweden and International Writers’ House in Ventspils, Latvia. Since 2009 he has participated in readings in Latvia, Sweden, Norway and Washington DC. Recently Beridze has published his course book Sakatvelo, a Latvian language course for Georgian students. Beridze divides his creative life between Latvia , Georgia and Germany together with his wife, the Latvian writer Nora Ikstena, with whom he wrote and published play Filiparia in 2010. Now he is working on his second novel Familienpfiff and the very first Latvian-Georgian and Georgian-Latvian dictionary.


  • Pora, Novel,SulakauriPublshing, 2014
  • Meeting with Origin and Time, Edition Braus GmbH, 2008
  • The Third, Short stories, Paata Natsvlishvili Publishing House, 2000

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