1933-2015 was born in Telavi. In 1954 she graduated from the philology faculty of Tbilisi State University and in 1956 from the violin class of Tbilisi’s second Music Teaching College. She worked as a music teacher form 1957 to 1971, playing in Tbilisi’s opera and ballet theatre orchestra. From 1972 she was a film drama writer in the writer’s collective of the Georgian Film studio, and from 1975 she was an editor in a second creative collective. She was the author of scripts for the films When the Almonds Blossomed (1972), A Brawl in a Town of Gourmets (1975), Several Interviews on Personal Questions (1978), Today It Was a Sleepless Night (1983), Mayhem (1986), A Waltz on the Pechora (1992), as well as the script for the film version of Ilia Chavchavadze’s novella Is He Human?! (1979). A film series Happiness (2009) was based on a story by her.


  • The Wind That Lifts the Curtain, Tbilisi, 2013 
  • A Moonlight Collage, Tbilisi, 2007 
  • Oh World, Kakhetian chronicles, Tbilisi, 2002 
  • Requiem for Bass, Soprano and Seven Instruments, or a Portrait of the Young Artist


  • Georgian State Prize 1998 for Requiem for Bass, Soprano and Seven Instruments 
  • Georgian Council of Ministers’ Prize 1984 , for the film script Today Was a Sleepless Night
  • Soviet State Prize 1980 for the film script Several Interviews on Personal Questions

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