Born in 1944 is a Georgian poet, essayist, and translator. In 1969 he graduated from Tbilisi State University, the Faculty of Philology. His poetry has been published since the 1960s in university newspapers, in almanac “First Ray” and “Tsiakari”. In the 1970s, Givi Alkhazishvili worked as a reviewer, literary worker and the head of the Critic Department at the Tsiskari magazine. Since 1989, Alkhazishvili has been chief editor of Publishing House Merani. His stated objective was to publish works by young, promising authors and he started intensively collaborate with young writers, whose works were later acknowledged thanks to him. Between the late-90's and early-2000's Alkhazishvili lectured at the Cultural University, presenting literary workshops. In 2003 Givi Alkhazishvili was apointed as the head of publishing house Merani. His poems are translated into many languages, including: English, Russian, Italian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Moldavian and etc.


  • On the Edge of the Two Reality, Saunje Publishing, 2014
  • The Unknown Sun, Saunje Publishing, 2014
  • Book of Epistles, Siesta Publishing House, 2012 
  • Future Past, Siesta Publishing House, 2010
  • Introversible Look, Saunje Publishing, 2010
  • 100 Poems, Intelekti Publishing, 2010
  • Chronicon 2007, Meridiani Publishing, 2008 
  • Will of Break Away, Publishing House Merani, 2005 
  • Thoughts Escaped in Words, Publishing House Merani, 2004 
  • From One Side to Another of the Iron Door, Publishing House Merani, 2002 
  • Sunrise or Sunset? Publishing House Merani, 1999. 
  • From Sodom to Sodom or the story of a bank president’s death, Publishing House Merani, 1999
  • Going out from Eternity, Publishing House Lomisi, Merani, 1998 
  • Light in a Drop, Publishing House Merani, 1996
  • Only About Love, Publishing House Merani, 1990 
  • The Heart Is Shining, Publishing House Merani, 1989 
  • Sky, You Always See, Publishing House Merani, ლექსები 1985
  • Chasing the Wind, Nakaduli Publishing, 1983 
  • Dialog in Thoughts, Publishing House Merani, 1981. 
  • Window of the Past, Nakaduli Publishing, 1980 
  • A Strange Bird, Nekeri Publishing, 1975 


  • Literary award SABA 2011 in category the best poetry collection for Introversible Look
  • Georgian State Prize 1999 for Going out from Eternity 
  • Akaki Tsereteli Literary Award 1998 for Going out from Eternity

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