1933-2012 is a well-known Georgian writer and scriptwriter, Erlom Akhvlediani graduated from Tbilisi State University in the faculty of history in 1957 and passed higher educational courses at the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography in Moscow. During 1962-1999 he wrote the scenarios for nineteen well-known films and starred in four movies. From 1965 to 1992 he was a member of the Scenario Comittee of Kartuli Pilmi (Georgian Film) Studio. Akhvlediani played a major part in Georgian intellectual life as a writer of film scripts. But along with his extremely successful career in screenwriting Erlom Akhvlediani authored three novels and numerous short stories, which already are regarded as Georgian Classic. His works are translated and published in English, German, Russian, Armenian, Czech, Hungarian and Arabic. Erlom Akhvlediani received the USSR State Prize and several literary prizes, the Literary Award SABA for the Best Novel of 2011 among them.


  • The Light-hearted Man, Siesta Publishing House, 2014 
  • Mosquito in the City, Siesta Publishing House, 2010
  • The Man Who Lost His Self and Other Stories, Publishing Link, 2007
  • Old and New, Dilis Gazeti Publishing, 2003
  • Vano and Niko, Nakaduli Publishing 1958, 1986, Publishing Nekeri 1998, Publishing Link, 2005
  • The Story of The Lazy Mouse, Nakaduli Publishing, 1971, Publishing Link, 2007


  • Literary award SABA 2011 in category the best novel for Mosquito in the City
  • USSR State Prize for Artistic Work

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